Group Fitness
Super Future Fitness has an extensive group fitness program!
So if you’re just a beginner or if you’re a  workout fanatic we are confident our veteran instructors
have designed a class your sure to love!
Class Descriptions:
TRX Suspension Training: TRX Suspension Training is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.
Body Fusion: Body Fusion: Burn twice as many calories as traditional weight-lifting through double-duty drills that work multiple muscles at once. Shake things up between sets with intense and proven effective cardiac bursts.  Surging moves set to a dynamic pace, delivery an intensified burn that works to aggressively increase metabolism, attack fat, and exhaust calories so you lose weight and gain muscle. Get the results you have been looking with low and high-impact variations for everyone from beginners to advanced.
Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga focuses on flexibility, breathing, balance and postures that allow you to stretch and fully use your bodies. It is great for beginners and those who are advanced in their practice. If your body is too tight, too stressed, overused and abused, Hatha yoga is the place for you. (1 Hr)
Body Circuit: Body circuit is a total body workout utilizing various equipment and plyometric movements through a series of short exercises. The focus is on toning the arms, developing the legs, firming the butt and core. Body Circuit is suitable for all fitness levels. (1 Hr)
Pilates: Come strengthen your core, glutes, and arms with this class designed to use your body weight for resistance. With a combination of yoga stretches and pilates based toning, that will leave you feeling strong and refreshed.  
Zumba: Looking for a exciting and fun cardio workout, with a party atmosphere? Zumba is for you. The benefit to Zumba is interval training. Zumba uses a fusion of different music styles and dance steps, including Latin, hip-hop and other International dance styles and music genres. (1 Hr)
Kickboxing: The ultimate fat burning workout! Tighten and tone the entire body through a series of kicks, punches, blocks, and combinations. Class finishes with a total core workout. This class is fun and suitable for all fitness levels. (1 Hr)
Bag Contact Kickboxing: Involves kickbox training with gloves and heavy bags. This class incorporates weight training to tone arms, a series of exercises or circuit work through the bags, and ends with core training. Bag contact kickboxing is an intense and fun way to workout! This class is recommended to those who have taken the non-contact kickboxing before. (1 Hr) For more information or to contact the instructor, feel free to check out
Body Blast: A total body work out for those looking to get an intense strength training and cardiovascular workout. During the class we utilize various equipment including free weights, barbells, resistance bands, resistaballs, and steps. Expect variety from each class you attend. Body Blast is recommended for intermediate or advanced members. (60-75 Min)
Maximum Cardio & Abs: This class is 40 Minutes of step aerobics with cardio bursts, between combo’s to increase heart rate for 30-90 second intervals. Class finishes with a cool down, stretching and about 10-15 minutes of abs workout. (1 Hr)
Hi-Low Aerobics: Class begins with 40 minutes of floor aerobics using 32 count patterns to move class participants around the room. Intervals of high intensity cardio moves are thrown in to elevate heart rate for 1-3 minutes, followed by putting all the patterns together. The last 2 minutes of class is the cool down and balance work. Class is then ended with abs. Hi-Low aerobics is a great cardio respiratory training workout! (1 Hr)
Light Cardio/Muscle Strength Conditioning:During class there will be intervals of floor cardio or step with weight work hitting all the major muscle groups, followed by stretches. (1 Hr)  
Power Yoga:An integration of yoga postures and breath, moving energy efficiently and powerfully detoxifying the body and mind. Suitable for all participants in good physical condition. (1 Hr)

Monday : 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Tuesday : 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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