Our Relentless Dedication to a Clean & Sanitary Facility –

We have placed many more hand sanitation stations around the gym and general facilities. We will be doubling down on our efforts to clean equipment, facilities, and sanitize hands. We will be requiring members and employees to clean equipment before and after each use. We already have a very clean facility and extensive cleaning process due to our full time cleaning crew, but we are going to double our current efforts to ensure our facility is as clean and sanitary as possible.

Our Social Distancing Strategy –

We will operate at 50% of our state building code capacity in accordance with state guidelines. Due to the capacity of our large 20,000 sq foot facility we will still be able to facilitate a large number of members; we do not foresee lines or wait times being an issue. All of our classes will be put on hold until further notice.

Launch Personal training will resume on 18th, the day after the gym opens. We are offering a totally private personal training experience through a separate entrance to the gym, you will have access to a private room excluded from the rest of the gym members and staff, plenty of space to work-out one on one with just your trainer. You will need to sign up for this in advance. Reach out to info@launchpt.net for more information.

Club Safety Procedures –

Revised hours are as follows : 6:00AM to 9:00PM M-F & 7AM to 6PM Sat – Sun to allow for a thorough cleaning of the facilities each day.

There will be no physical interaction between members and employees, we have installed Plexiglas dividers to limit social exposure. Staff and members will be required to wear face masks in the facility at all times. We acknowledge the state guidelines allow for face masks to be removed if you are more than 12 feet apart; however we will not be able to appropriately or consistently enforce this policy therefore we are requiring the use of face masks at all times to protect the safety of our staff and members.

If you feel sick, have a fever, difficulty breathing, or in the last 2 weeks have been in close contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, we ask that you please refrain from using our facility.Elderly or at risk individuals should follow the guidelines continuously issued by the state and CDC.

Our policies and procedures will be modified on an ongoing basis as the CDC and State issue updated guidelines.

In Summary –

Be respectful of other members and staff by keeping your distance, wearing a face mask, washing your hands, cleaning your equipment before and after use, and frequently using the hand sanitizing stations.