Project Description

Strength & Conditioning


The i11.9 Incline Trainer has the design runners want, with the incline to boost calorie burn for those who prefer to walk. With an impressive 30% incline and -3% decline, users recruit more muscles, targeting their quads and glutes. The Incline Trainer is equipped with a high definition 10 in (25.4 cm) touch display. 1-STEP™ Controls make this treadmill ideal for HIIT workouts and functional training.

This is arguably the “BEST TREADMILL ON THE MARKET”.

Matrix Double Mega Rack

There’s no better place for functional strength training than Super Future Fitness. Our recently acquired matrix double mega rack offers endless options of functional exercise variants. More than just a squat rack and deadlift platform, users can perform t-bar rows, pull-ups, and standing chest press on the matrix rocker arms!

Booty Builder

The machine is based on the Hip-Thrust, shown in research to provide extreme glute activation, as well as great activation of the hamstrings and core muscles.

You are doing an optimal range of motion and movement for targeting the gluteus maximus when exercising on the Booty Builder®.

The Pit Shark

The PIT SHARK is a heavy-duty piece of equipment used for both Upper Body and Lower Body Strength Training. The Patented design of the PIT SHARK promotes full Range of Motion and freedom of movement, while removing the risk of spinal compression. The aggressive training possible with every strength movement done on the PIT SHARK can increases Strength, Power, and add tremendous Flexibility to your weight training program.

Rogue Monster Westside Bench

Made in the USA from 3×3″ 11-gauge steel, the Monster Westside Bench stands among the most versatile, heavy-duty, uncompromising bench racks ever built. Like our original Westside Bench, it’s inspired by the groundbreaking designs of Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell. By incorporating new features from our Monster Series 2.0 power racks, however, we’ve created an entirely new animal—fully equipped and precision manufactured for the high-performance athlete.


Matrix Step Mills

Spice up your cardio routine with the brand new Matrix Stepmill at Super Future Fitness. These state of the art steppers are guaranteed to have you drenched in sweat. This piece features fully programmable workouts, heart rate monitors, and built in fans to cool you off. This piece is part of our cardio ensemble featuring ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent and upright bikes.

Matrix Mye Ride

The all new matrix my ride system at Super Future Fitness allows members to take an incredible virtual spinning journey. The bike features a 4-way adjustable handlebar and saddle allowing any size user to find a comfortable setup. The software coaches you through a virtual spin class in a scenic environment of your choose.


The Matrix Ascent Trainer

The Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer is easily distinguished from competitors. Unlike other high-end cross trainers that have just one elliptical path, the Ascent Trainer has dramatic incline choices of 24% to 54% for targeted muscle toning. Also unlike its rivals, the A50 uses induction braking to give riders exceptional control over resistance.

S-Drive Performance Trainer

The S-Drive Performance Trainer helps you elevate your explosiveness and endurance while refining form. The sled brake with eight settings provides a true-to-life weighted sled pushing experience, and the parachute brake with 11 settings gives users the feel of real parachute resistance.

S-Drive Performance Trainer

Life Fitness Circuit

Our life fitness circuit is brand new and a complete set. This complete set makes it easy for members to come in and get a quick full body workout with little planning or preparation. Every piece in the line of life fitness is fully customizable to meet any height or weight demands. The selectable weight stack makes it easy and convinient for members to quickly choose an appropriate weight and get on with their workout.

Life Fitness Signature Series

Our recently added Life Fitness Plate loaded equipment now available at Super Future Fitness. Take your training and your results to the next level with top of the line Plate loaded and Selectorized equipment. We refresh our exercise equipment often so that members have access to the newest and highest quality equipment selection.