Tanning Sunboard XTT The German-made Sunboard XTT from UWE is a favorite of our members because it delivers a deeper, darker, longer lasting color which enables you to tan much less frequently than with most tanning beds. UWE Sunboard XTT Features 15-Minute Tanning Session Time [...]

Child Care


Child Care Children must be at least one year of age or older, Babysitters are also not allowed to change diapers, thank you for your understanding. Babysitting is limited to 10 Children in the room at one time on a  first come first serve basis. Babysitting is FREE of charge for VIP Members: 1st [...]

Group Fitness


Group Fitness Spinning Our brand new state of the art spin room and ICG Bikes will be a cycling experience that will blow you away!  A truly interconnected indoor cycling experience shared by an exerciser’s bike computer, an instructor’s tablet and the group’s large video display. [...]



Sauna Built-in Televisions The recent installation of televisions provides a whole new sauna experience. Grab a remote in tune into a whatever you would like to watch as you enjoy a warm escape in the sauna. There is nothing better than relaxing in the warm sauna and watching your favorite show, [...]

Strength & Conditioning


Strength & Conditioning INCLINE AND DECLINE TRAINING The i11.9 Incline Trainer has the design runners want, with the incline to boost calorie burn for those who prefer to walk. With an impressive 30% incline and -3% decline, users recruit more muscles, targeting their quads and glutes. The Incline Trainer is [...]

Personal Training


MEET OUR TRAINERS Training Philosophy The science of today is not necessarily the science of tomorrow. Stay up to date with current trends and only preach research backed training and nutrition methodologies. Training Philosophy Fitness is more than looking good; it’s feeling good [...]

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